InQuik Pty Ltd is an Australian family-run business, which designs, manufactures and sells the innovative semi-modular InQuik bridge products.

InQuik was founded by builder, farmer and inventor Bruce Mullaney to bring his bridge inventions to world. Bruce was developing an innovative method to construct concrete slabs by connecting the steel reinforcing bar to the formwork, when he then realised that the same system could be used to make bridges. He envisaged a bridge construction method where the reinforcing and formwork were assembled together in a factory, then the lightweight panels could be easily transported and placed on-site before the concrete is poured. This method would save huge amounts of on-site work, require no external supports, and give the highest quality concrete bridge possible, as the whole bridge deck would be cast as a single concrete mass (whereas precast decks are separate modules which need to be stuck together).

Armed with a bright idea and no small amount of determination, Bruce patented his invention and put in place the partners and people needed to make his vision a reality. He established relationships the Australia-based global engineering firm SMEC to undertake the engineering design work, and the Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC) to provide support and manufacturing expertise to make the product. Together, these companies are developing and delivering the next generation in global bridge construction technology.