The InQuik® prefabricated bridge components have two main parts: a metal formwork tray, which defines the shape of the panel; and a steel reinforcing cage, which connects to and supports the tray. The panels are prefabricated and placed on-site before the concrete is poured. This construction method has a huge number of benefits compared to conventional systems.

For more information on product specifications, please see the InQuik Catalogue


  • Product range includes deck, abutments, wing walls, headstocks and blade piers.
  • The deck panels are 2.4m-wide and can be supplied in 6, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 18 meter span lengths.
  • We also offer an extra-wide panel to construct a 3.2m-wide bridge (T44 load rating), for limited-use crossings such as private farm bridges and service road bridges.
  • Suitable for single and multi-span, with variable deck widths and lengths, and can have advanced features such as skew and integrated abutments.
  • Suitable for road, rail and pedestrian bridges, elevated carriageways and jetties, for general infrastructure, disaster relief and military use.
  • Perfect for timber bridge replacements, as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to box culverts, and for new bridge installations.


  • The InQuik bridge parts are standardised, pre-engineered and pre-certified.
  • All the concrete for the deck is completed in one pour, creating a single homogeneous slab. This eliminates longitudinal joins (a weak point of precast), more effectively resists braking inertia from large freight trucks, and reduces the frequency of required inspections and maintenance.
  • Designs satisfy the AS5100 Australian bridge code requirements for T44 or SM1600 load ratings, with an expected lifespan on the order of 100 years.
  • Guaranteed concrete cover between the reinforcing and formwork, and the permanent steel formwork acts as a protective shield against concrete degradation

Transport & Installation

  • A 12m panel weighs 4.1-4.6 tonnes, and can be handled and placed using a truck-mounted crane. For comparison, a similar sized precast panel can weigh ~26 tonnes and requires significant site preparation for a heavy-duty crane.
  • The integrated reinforcing–formwork system supports the weight of the wet concrete until it sets, so no external props/supports are needed. 
  • Faster and simpler installation gives major cost and time savings and less disruption to the road network. Low skill enables use of local labour. 
  • InQuik parts can be transported globally in the format of a shipping container and stored in a depot for rapid deployment.
  • Has minimal impact on the surrounding environment due to off-site construction, and there is no requirement to enter the waterway to erect scaffolds or formwork.


IQ 1-lane bridge


IQ 2-lane bridge

Assembled bridge side


Assembled bridge end