Introducing the InQuik Farm Bridge


From the company that brought you the award-winning InQuik Bridge, we are proud to announce the latest addition to our range of patented Australian made products.

We’ve listened closely to our customers, and to address the need for small bridges by farmers and primary producers, InQuik are proud to launch the InQuik Farm Bridge. Specifically designed for this market segment, the product is available in 6, 9 and 12m spans, is 3.2m wide, has a load rating of 68 tonnes (suitable for B-Double truck deliveries and collections), and has a 100-year design life!

We feel this Australian designed and manufactured product helps address infrastructure challenges of getting from farm to market in a cost effective way whilst meeting Australian Bridge Code standards.

InQuik's “place and pour” methodology means that the InQuik Farm Bridge can be installed by semi-skilled labour over 2-3 days on-site, and pricing starts from $20,900 (+GST).


Other possible uses for the InQuik Farm Bridge include for golf courses, wineries, service roads, box culvert replacements and for new land releases.

While InQuik supply the components to build the bridge, the other materials and construction are all kept local, including labour, concrete, crane hire, earthmoving and piling contractors, keeping funds and work in the local community.

Australian councils have already embraced the InQuik system for its huge potential in opening up new land release areas and replacing aged bridge infrastructure.

InQuik manufacturing is based out of Newcastle, NSW, is made with Australian steel and certified by the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) to comply with AS5100 and T44 to SM1600 load rating design standards.

Announcement: ARC builds bridges with InQuik partnership


InQuik are pleased to announce that we have formally entered into a partnership with the Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC), for the manufacture and supply of bridge components. ARC have released an announcement article, reproduced below (with permission). Since this announcement, there have been a further 5 bridges that have been/are being manufactured for projects in NSW, for delivery Jan-April 2018.

Original article by ARC, republished with permission:

ARC have formed a partnership with research and development company, Lifting Point, to bring to market a revolutionary new system for constructing reinforced concrete bridges.

The new bridging system, known as InQuik, offers numerous advantages over conventional bridge construction, and consists of prefabricated steel form panels which incorporates the reinforcement bars secured in position inside the form structure ready to be placed and poured with concrete on site.

The time saving is enormous with an approximate full build time of two to three weeks for an InQuik bridge compared to a conventional build that can run into several months.

With the Australian Government Bridge Renewal Program, worth over $1 Billion over the next 4 years, the demand for InQuik bridges is ensuring a growing pipeline of work.


ARC will prefabricate the InQuik bridge panels to Australian standards, using high-quality, Australian made and imported steels in a specialised bridge-manufacturing bay at the company's Newcastle operation.

The InQuik Bridge is certified by the engineering firm SMEC to comply with AS5100 design standards. Following the acquisition of the ARC business by the GFG Alliance in September, the business is in a strong position to leverage the Australian supply chain of GFG to produce the InQuik bridges.

“We’re excited to be officially on board with the InQuik Bridging System to help introduce a revolutionary new product to the market,” said General Manager ARC, Sean Mannering.

InQuik has many potential applications including replacement of regional road and rail bridges, disaster relief, military, jetties, wharfs, pedestrian bridges, elevated railways and private access bridges.

Three bridges have already been installed since the market launch at Marulan in June 2016:
• Tantangara (Mt Kosciusko NSW National Parks)
• Bellingen (North Coast NSW Bellingen Shire Council)
• Caddies Creek (Kellyville Sydney NSW Hills Shire Council)

2017: InQuik Year in Review

2017 has been a milestone year for InQuik, with the first commercial bridge projects successfully delivered, and knowledge of the InQuik system is spreading rapidly across Australia and into the Pacific.

On 26th June 2016 the Hon Angus Taylor MP and Pru Goward MP opened the first bridge at Boxers Creek, Goulburn, NSW. At the launch Angus said “This business will keep growing as its prototype hits the market, both here and overseas, building on an Australian idea, using Australian steel and workers.”

During 2017 InQuik have attended and presented to our peers & prospective clients at the Australian Bridge Conference in Melbourne, IPWEA NSW conference in the Hunter Valley and finally the 8th Small Bridges Conference in Surfers Paradise. Over 1,000 attendees from the broad range of councils, state government departments, state road authorities, NSW RMS and the private sector have given positive feedback and support for InQuik’s innovative-patented designs.

Bridge engineers, asset managers, civil engineers, structural engineers and engineering directors have all taken the opportunity to investigate the unique attributes of the InQuik designs at these events and having their questions answered regarding the product design, specifications and best use cases.

Our partners SMEC (design and bridge code certification) and ARC (fabrication) ensure that the InQuik system, made locally in Newcastle, complies with AS5100 and SM1600 load rating design standards. The 100-year design life means peace of mind for our customers locally and internationally.

Our MD,  Logan Mullaney, made two trade visits to Papua New Guinea in 2017, where the InQuik product is now certified by the country’s Department of Works for “bridge design and structural development programs” within PNG. We are also scheduling export orders for projects in Fiji and Vanuatu.

InQuik was also the proud recipient of the Concrete Institute of Australia NSW “2017 Technology & Innovation Award of Excellence” for the InQuik Modular Concrete Bridging System.

InQuik’s “place and pour” methodology enabled us to construct a single lane 12mtr bridge in the Snowy Mountains for National Parks in 12 hours over a 3-day period.

“InQuik is a very quick and efficient way to replace bridges as long as you do the survey and site preparation work correctly. Our survey and designers were excellent and the bridge has reached our expectations.” – Rod Peel, National Parks Road Supervisor

Bellingen Shire Council, NSW used their own Council Works Department to install a dual lane InQuik bridge over Reids Creek. This replaced a single lane timber bridge to improve safety, flood mitigation and increase the load rating.  The video case study is accessible on our web site –

“The InQuik bridge solution used to replace Reids Creek Bridge delivered an AS5100 compliant structure and achieved significant project time savings.” – Phil Buchan, Manager – Asset Management & Design, Bellingen Shire Council

It’s been a very busy but satisfying year. The staff and management of InQuik Bridging Systems would like to thank all our clients, suppliers and numerous advocates for their on-going support in our first full year of commercial operation, and wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season.

InQuik present at the 2017 NSW IPWEA Conference

InQuik Bridging Systems was a major presence at the IPWEA NSW Conference 2017, hosting an indoor stand, an outdoor display, and giving a full presentation on the recent Reids Creek Bridge for Bellingen Shire Council. The event was held 8-10 November 2017 at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley, NSW, with over 375 attendees. IPWEA hosted delegates from NSW Councils and Government, who came and spoke with the InQuik team at their stall, and at the outdoor exhibition.

Despite heavy rain a couple days before the conference, the team at Crown Plaza did a great job at getting both the indoor and outdoor areas ready. The InQuik and ARC delegation decided to bring along a full-size 12x2.4m InQuik deck panel and a 1m abutment, to show the conference attendees how easily the components are delivered, and the ease with which they fit together. With this “place and pour” methodology it only took 40 minutes for us to unload both components and place them in the outdoor display area, having never been to site before and using only a lightweight crane.

The InQuik Managing Director, Logan Mullaney, presented the Bellingen Council case study on the Friday, and the full project video was premiered. The presentation was enthusiastically received by the delegates, garnering a lot interest in the InQuik system and its advantages for councils.

Many thanks to the IPWEA team for such a well run event, and next year we will remember to pack Hawaiian shirts for the opening night! At the IPWEA website you can view a summary of the event, featuring 40+ exhibitors and over 40 presentations.

The InQuik bridge system is an innovative Australian designed and manufactured product with huge benefits to key LGA projects, including Bridges Renewal, Flood Mitigation and Black Spot programs for 6-18m bridge spans. The InQuik solution reduces cost and complexity, and accelerates the bridge construction process. This enables Governments, Councils, disaster relief agencies and road authorities to upgrade or construct infrastructure cost-effectively and efficiently.

Australian councils have embraced this new system for its huge potential in opening up new land release areas and replacing aged bridge infrastructure. InQuik manufacturing is based out of Newcastle, NSW, it is made with Australian steel and certified by the the engineering firm SMEC to comply with AS5100 design standards for T44/SM1600 load ratings.

The innovators responsible for developing and installing this technology are available to provide presentations and workshops to Local Councils, State and Federal Departments, bridge engineers, and other interested groups. For more information or to schedule a presentation/workshop, please contact Logan Mullaney at or  +61 419 167 680.

InQuik presenting at the IPWEA NSW conference 8–10 November 2017 in the Hunter Valley.

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) NSW State Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley 8-10 November 2017. The event will bring together technical partners and stakeholders who are engaged in infrastructure, asset management, road and rail safety, transport, water and waste water, risk management, the environment and sustainability, technical innovation and technology. The conference attracts representatives from across the profession and the Local Government sector to join together and exchange ideas and create discussions on how engineering can continue moving NSW forward and building communities.

We are excited to be presenting at the IPWEA NSW conference on a recent project delivered for Bellingen Council in NSW.

Presentation Synopsis: Bellingen Shire Council and InQuik. Design, Construct and open for traffic in 4 months. An innovative and efficient way to replace Timber bridges

The single lane timber bridge over Reids Creek on Kalang Road was due for rehabilitation or replacement. Located on an important transport route servicing school buses and farms, the old bridge had an 18t load limit, with flood risk and safety considerations. With a tight budget and a short design & construct window, the team at Bellingen Council approached Bridge Knowledge and InQuik in early February 2017 with the goal to replace the bridge to be open for traffic within 4 months.

InQuik Wins Excellence Award for Technology and Innovation at the NSW Concrete Industry of Australia Awards

The InQuik modular concrete bridge has won an Award for Excellence in the Technology and Innovation category of the NSW Concrete Industry Awards, presented at the Kirribilli Club in Milson’s Pt, Sydney on 19 July 2017.

Established in 1971, the Awards for Excellence in Concrete recognise and publicise the many significant contributions to excellence in concrete design, construction and materials in Australia. The Technology & Innovation category includes significant contributions to the understanding or use of concrete as evidenced by research, technical publications, patent applications, new products or pieces of equipment, new techniques, design innovations, or educational activity. The InQuik project was titled ‘The InQuik Modular Concrete Bridging System’, and was jointly submitted by InQuik Pty Ltd and Lifting Point Pre-Form Pty Ltd. The inventor of the InQuik system, Bruce Mullaney, accepted the award with InQuik’s National Sales Manager, Robert Lindley.

The Managing Director of InQuik, Logan Mullaney, said the national recognition was a humbling experience. “Receiving an award is a good acknowledgement of what we’ve done,” he said.

InQuik was founded by builder, farmer and inventor Bruce Mullaney to bring his bridge inventions to world.

Bruce was developing an innovative method to construct concrete slabs by connecting the steel reinforcing bar to the formwork, when he then realised that the same system could be used to make bridges. He envisaged a bridge construction method where the reinforcing and formwork were assembled together in a factory, then the lightweight panels could be easily transported and placed on-site before the concrete is poured. This method would save huge amounts of on-site work, require no external supports, and give the highest quality concrete bridge possible, as the whole bridge deck would be cast as a single concrete mass (whereas precast decks are separate modules which need to be stuck together).

Armed with a bright idea and no small amount of determination, Bruce patented his invention and put in place the partners and people needed to make his vision a reality. He established relationships the Australia-based global engineering firm SMEC to undertake the engineering design work, and the Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC) to provide support and manufacturing expertise to make the product. Together, these companies are developing and delivering the next generation in global bridge construction technology.

InQuik supply prefabricated components comprising reinforcement steel and formwork, but no concrete. The components are a fraction of the weight of a similar-sized precast concrete panel, and are simply placed on-site and filled with concrete.

InQuik currently offer current spans of 6m, 9m, 12m, 14m, 16m and 18m (12m standard), and have the ability to do multiple spans for longer structures. InQuik’s product range also includes abutments, wing walls, blade piers and headstocks, and is certified to AS5100 regulations and up to SM1600 load rating.