Our Story

Bruce Mullaney, together with his brother-in-law Jim Howell, developed this technology from a system for making concrete slabs, whereby reinforcing steel could be clipped to the formwork, holding the formwork in place at the right height and distance. He found that this could similarly be applied to bridge building, such that all reinforcing and formwork could be assembled off-site and then transported to site where the concrete was then poured. This would be easier to transport, quicker and safer to install, and reduce the need for bridge maintenance.

Logan and Ben Mullaney shared their father’s vision and in 2017 established InQuik Pty Ltd to commercialise this innovative technology and connect communities across Australia. The bridge system has been patented in over 88 countries worldwide and has received recognition both locally and overseas for its innovation, notably receiving the 2020 Australian Engineering Excellence Award (Canberra Division) from Engineers Australia, and the USA-based Association for Iron & Steel Technology’s (AIST) 2019 T.C. Graham Prize.

Launching off our success in the Australian market, we are actively pursuing global partners to introduce the InQuik system to the world, by licensing the international patents.


Our Values


We are committed to being honest, fair and trustworthy in all business dealings and relationships. Our workplace is positive, inclusive and respectful and this filters through to our dealings with customers and suppliers.


As a family-run business, we are community-focused. We are driven to make positive changes in regional communities, whether it be through job creation, stimulating local economies, or assisting with natural disaster recovery. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and looking for sustainable solutions.


We are passionate about our people and product. We strive to create an environment that allows our people to continuously grow and develop, and which drives us to deliver excellent results for our customers.


Innovation is at the core of our business offering. The InQuik system is a completely new way of building concrete bridges that has a range of benefits, and we are constantly improving and developing our products to supply our customers with the best bridges we can.


Key Benefits of InQuik for Funded Projects

> Design and Procurement

  • Fixed cost design service available via SMEC and InQuik approved partners
  • Social procurement – 100% of the project costs outside of the InQuik components are locally sourced
  • Pre-engineered modular components are built in ISO Quality assured facilities
  • 90% of project costs are known up front – low risk of projects being delivered late and over budget

> Constructability / Installation

  • Efficient 2 stage “place and pour” install process – it fits together like Lego
  • Projects are delivered on time, in scope and within budget by local contractors or Council work crews
  • Mitigates safety and WHS risks due to lightweight components and “top down” installation
  • InQuik Bridges can be installed by semi-skilled local labour over 2-3 days
  • A typical project timeline of only 1 to 2 weeks total.
  • Local labour, plant and concrete are all sourced locally
  • InQuik installation support is included along with knowledge transfer to drive self sufficiency

> Ongoing costs “whole of life” – the benefits of Integral bridges

  • Reduced “Whole of life” asset costs as InQuik Integral bridges are maintenance free
  • Meets Safety in Design criteria as reduced maintenance improves worker safety
  • 100 year life designed to AS5100 (2017) bridge code
  • No bearings, tie downs, bolted connections, longitudinal joints or grouted joints with Integral bridges
  • Future proof with no traffic volume restrictions


The InQuik modular bridge system is an innovative, patented Australian designed and manufactured product that solves the challenge of aging infrastructure.

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