Our Reach

Since its foundation in 2017, InQuik has supplied nearly 140 bridges across Queensland, NSW and Victoria, including to over 20 Councils across these states. The bridge system has been patented across the world and has received recognition both locally and overseas for its innovation, notably receiving the 2020 Australian Engineering Excellence Award (Canberra Division) from Engineers Australia, and the 2019 T.C. Graham Prize from the USA-based Association for Iron & Steel Technology.

How it Works


The patented InQuik Bridging System is an innovative semi-modular construction method to build reinforced concrete bridges. InQuik bridge components have two main parts: a metal formwork tray, which defines the shape; and the steel reinforcing cage which connects to the tray to support it. These panels are easily placed on-site before the concrete is poured to create a fully in-situ cast concrete bridge structure. The current InQuik product range includes deck panels (6, 9, 12, 14, 16 & 18m spans), abutments, wing walls, headstocks and blade piers.


The lightweight InQuik panels are designed to be efficiently stacked and transported in the form of a shipping container, to use minimal transportation resources. All the panels for a 12 meter single-lane bridge can be transported on one semi-trailer.


InQuik panels are much lighter than comparable precast parts, and can be easily placed in position using a HIAB or light-weight crane before the concrete is poured. The InQuik system is fully self-supporting with no external props needed. Barrier/handrail fixings can be installed in the delivered panel, and for better safety during construction, the railing can be installed before the panel is placed. The construction process is simple and efficient, and delivers a high quality in-situ concrete bridge quickly and cost effectively.