Announcement: ARC builds bridges with InQuik partnership

January 25, 2018by InQuik


InQuik are pleased to announce that we have formally entered into a partnership with the Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC), for the manufacture and supply of bridge components. ARC have released an announcement article, reproduced below (with permission). Since this announcement, there have been a further 5 bridges that have been/are being manufactured for projects in NSW, for delivery Jan-April 2018.

Original article by ARC, republished with permission:

ARC have formed a partnership with research and development company, Lifting Point, to bring to market a revolutionary new system for constructing reinforced concrete bridges.

The new bridging system, known as InQuik, offers numerous advantages over conventional bridge construction, and consists of prefabricated steel form panels which incorporates the reinforcement bars secured in position inside the form structure ready to be placed and poured with concrete on site.

The time saving is enormous with an approximate full build time of two to three weeks for an InQuik bridge compared to a conventional build that can run into several months.

With the Australian Government Bridge Renewal Program, worth over $1 Billion over the next 4 years, the demand for InQuik bridges is ensuring a growing pipeline of work.


ARC will prefabricate the InQuik bridge panels to Australian standards, using high-quality, Australian made and imported steels in a specialised bridge-manufacturing bay at the company's Newcastle operation.

The InQuik Bridge is certified by the engineering firm SMEC to comply with AS5100 design standards. Following the acquisition of the ARC business by the GFG Alliance in September, the business is in a strong position to leverage the Australian supply chain of GFG to produce the InQuik bridges.

“We’re excited to be officially on board with the InQuik Bridging System to help introduce a revolutionary new product to the market,” said General Manager ARC, Sean Mannering.

InQuik has many potential applications including replacement of regional road and rail bridges, disaster relief, military, jetties, wharfs, pedestrian bridges, elevated railways and private access bridges.

Three bridges have already been installed since the market launch at Marulan in June 2016:
• Tantangara (Mt Kosciusko NSW National Parks)
• Bellingen (North Coast NSW Bellingen Shire Council)
• Caddies Creek (Kellyville Sydney NSW Hills Shire Council)