InQuik Integral Headstock

August 30, 2023by Hubert Chan

Fully integral multi-span bridges with our Integral Headstock

Introducing the InQuik Integral Headstock

The InQuik Integral Headstock allows the creation of fully integral multi-span bridges creating a monolithic structure by ingeniously connecting the deck panels and headstocks.

Compared to conventional simply supported bridges, the Integral Headstock holds a key advantage – the elimination of bearing replacements. In traditional designs, replacing bearings necessitates the intricate lifting of deck panel units through synchronized hydraulic jacks. This procedure not only incurs substantial costs but also poses inherent risks.

Technical Specifications:

Fully Integral

Height: 1.7m

Width: 1m

Length: Depends on the width of the bridge


  • Compliance: The Integral Pier Headstock design meets the stringent standards outlined in AS5100 (2017), ensuring structural integrity, safety, and quality in accordance with industry regulations.
  • Cost Efficiency: By sidestepping the costly bearing replacement process, maintenance expenses are significantly curtailed.
  • Enhanced Safety: The elimination of lifting manoeuvres minimizes on-site risks and potential hazards.
  • Robust and Resilience Design: Allows double to multi-span bridges to be fully integral, capable of withstanding diverse external loads with exceptional fortitude. From heavy flood surges to impactful collisions, even the most extreme weather events.
  • Reduced maintenance phases: mean fewer disruptions to traffic and communities, ensuring a smoother experience for all stakeholders involved.

For additional information, detailed technical specifications, or enquiries regarding project integration, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team.