IQ500 Bridge – water afflux solution

August 30, 2023by Hubert Chan

IQ500 Bridge

Improving water flow


We are excited to introduce the IQ500 bridge, a revolutionary design that combines a 9.1m span with a lower girder depth of 500mm to address the specific needs of our clients. This innovative bridge design was developed aiming to provide an optimal solution for mitigating potential water flow disruptions.

Technical Specifications:

Single span

Fully Integral Bridge

Low-performance barrier

Span: 9.1m

Height: 500 mm

Width: 4.48 – 14.4m

  • Compliance: The IQ500 bridge meets the stringent standards outlined in AS5100 (2017), ensuring structural integrity, safety, and quality in accordance with industry regulations.
  • Optimized Girder Depth: The bridge’s girder depth of 500 mm has been meticulously calculated as the minimum requirement to effectively support its considerable span and load rating. This shallow girder depth serves the dual purpose of ensuring structural integrity while minimizing potential water afflux issues.
  • Load Rating: With a load rating of SM1600 (160 tonnes), the IQ500 bridge showcases its robust engineering, capable of supporting heavy loads while maintaining its structural integrity.
  • Durability: Designed for longevity, the IQ500 boasts a 100-year design life, emphasizing its durability and reliability for long-term infrastructure needs.

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