Eurambeen Streatham Rd 12m x 9.6m bridge (Pyrenees Shire Council, VIC)


InQuik’s first bridge delivered in Victoria – Pyrenees Shire Council Bridge 59

Increasing load carrying capacity on key link roads is a high priority for Pyrenees Shire Council. The important part of achieving this goal is updating bridge infrastructure to cope with modern vehicles and increased tonnage.

The latest route to have undergone an upgrade is the Eurambeen-Streatham Road, an important north-south link road across the municipality. Council’s Works Team strengthened and widened a section of it earlier this year, and contractors have just completed the replacement of Bridge 59 after a competitive tender process was held.

Bridge 59 was built using an InQuik bridge system, the first one to be built in Victoria. Pre-fabricated components of the bridge are delivered to the site and then they are concreted in place. This type of construction has been used in Queensland and New South Wales, where significant savings in construction time and costs have been realised.

Pyrenees Bridge 59 is an InQuik Integral design 12m x 9.6m rated to SM1600.

Ongoing costs “whole of life” – the benefits of Integral bridges

  • Reduced “Whole of life” asset costs as InQuik Integral bridges are maintenance free
  • Meets Safety in Design criteria as reduced maintenance improves worker safety
  • 100 year life designed to AS5100 (2017) bridge code
  • No bearings, tie downs, bolted connections, longitudinal joints or grouted joints with Integral bridges
  • Future proof with no traffic volume restrictions

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Eurambeen Streatham Rd
Pyrenees Shire Council
Span and Width:
12m x 9.6m
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