Merima 12.1×4.8m Bridge (Snowy Monaro Regional Council, NSW)

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Snowy Monaro Regional Council bridge upgrades: Two InQuik bridges designed, built and open for traffic 10 months ahead of schedule.

Council had identified 3 bridges that required replacement in the Bombala area, and successfully secured Stronger Communities Funds as part of this major project program. The projects had a planned completion date of June 2019.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council selected the InQuik system after a tender process as its top-down installation method minimised impact on the waterway, and the 2 stage “place and pour” process would ensure the tight project timeframe was met. The project was primarily delivered by Council with local sub-contractors engaged for project components like plant hire, labour and materials as required.


The Snowy Monaro region covers 15,162 km2 with ten major urban areas, surrounded by rolling plains country and mountain ranges. The region is home to 20,700 people and reflects a degree of cultural diversity that has its roots in agriculture, early gold mining, the Snowy Mountains Scheme, timber logging and skiing industries.


To construct and maintain public infrastructure can be challenging. it’s important to not only extend the life of existing assets, but also plan and pay for new infrastructure within resource limitations, that meets the needs of the community and visitors.

The 4 key reasons for selecting InQuik for this project were:

1) The timely and efficient 2 stage “place and pour” installation process
2) Minimal impact on the surrounding environment. A single truck delivered the entire Merima bridge
3) Cost-effective premium solution designed to AS5100 (2017) bridge code
4) Minimal maintenance costs over the 100 year “whole of life” asset plan.

How We Helped

The InQuik system was selected as it met all the key criteria, and ensured that the timeline for design and construction could be met. The InQuik solution would help to shorten the window on road closures, minimise the impact of weather delays, and deliver a new asset with minimal maintenance costs.

The construction of the InQuik Merima bridge project was a joint effort, with InQuik and Snowy Monaro Council being on-site and engaged to coordinate the design, supply and installation of the bridge along with the sub-contractors.


The new Merima Bridge has a 12.1m span and is 4.8m wide (for a single traffic lane). The integral design provides an incredibly robust, low-maintenance structure that will provide safer, reliable access for the local community for at least the next century.

Construction was very efficient, with the entire bridge (abutments and deck panels) being delivered to site in mid-April on a single truck. This enabled the InQuik construction component to be completed in 2 full days over a 7-10 day period.

The community has welcomed the completed project. Bridge road approaches have also been improved as well as signage and kerbs on the new Merima bridge. With a T44 (68 tonnes) load rating, it supports three of the region’s core economic drivers: agriculture, timber and tourism.

After completion of the Merima bridge project, Snowy Monaro moved onto the larger span Horsey Swamp Bridge which only took 65 days from design to being open to unrestricted traffic. This will feature as a separate case study.

“Snowy Monaro Regional Council is now the proud owner of 2 of these amazing bridges. Installation was simple, easy and quick” – Linda Nicholson – Group Manager Asset Management and Engineering Services at Snowy Monaro Council.

Key Project Points

  • The efficient 2-step “place and pour” installation minimised environmental impact.
  • The rapid superstructure installation process reduced exposure and risks associated with weather delays.
  • Mitigated safety and WHS risks due to lightweight components, top down installation and reduced site time.
  • Delivered an asset that is compliant with the most recent AS5100 (2017) bridge code and ensures reduced “whole of life” costs during the 100-year design life.
Snowy Monaro
Snowy Monaro Regional Council
Span and Width:
12.1m x 4.8m
Start Date:
June 2019
End Date:
June 2019