Upper Lachlan Shire Council Bridge Replacements

On the 13th August 2019 Upper Lachlan Shire Council in NSW advised that temporary load limits would come into effect for 12 timber bridges in the Shire. The temporary load limits had been based on advice from consulting firm Pitt & Sherry, which recently undertook an assessment of select bridges in the Shire to determine safety and load capacity.


Upper Lachlan is located on the Southern Tablelands about 45km west of Goulburn, 100km north of Canberra and about 130km south-east of Bathurst.  It is an area that is known for its fine wool and potato production, history and picturesque countryside.

About 7,800 people live in the Shire, with about 2,000 people living in the major centre of Crookwell with the majority living in the smaller towns and villages or on properties including the areas of Bigga, Binda, Collector, Crookwell, Dalton, Grabben Gullen, Gunning, Laggan, Taralga and Tuena.


The temporary load limits had to remain in place until repair or replacement work was completed as public safety had to remain the number one priority. Upper Lachlan Shire Council Mayor said Council understands the adverse impact bridge load limits are having on the local community. In particular the isolation of the village of Bigga and isolation of other localities.

 “Farmers, local businesses, heavy vehicle business operators and livestock carriers are all adversely impacted. The livelihood for local farmers is under threat as they are now unable to get livestock to market, and livestock feed such as grain and hay are unable to be transported to their farms. All of these impacts, combined with the ongoing drought conditions, make it a necessity for Council to act swiftly and that is the approach that has been taken to date by Council,”

How we helped

InQuik worked with Council in a collaborative process involving local contractors and engineers to build a works program that enabled three of the impacted bridges to be replaced with InQuik Integral bridges designed to AS5100 (2017) Bridge standard and SM1600 rating. The bridges were delivered in a total project window of just under 2 months. The quick construction period from Mid Oct 2019 till mid Dec 2019 was of great benefit to the isolated communities and farming community impacted by the reduced temporary load limits. The Integral Design addressed “whole of life” costs and met safety in design considerations.


Bridge specifications are as follows :

  • Julong Rd is a 9 x 4.8m
  • Reids Flat is a 12 x 7.2m
  • Wilcox Rd a 12 x 4.8m

All SM1600 – Integral bridges designed for 100-year life and minimal maintenance.

Key Project Points

  • Pre-engineered modular solution was well suited to “turn key” delivery
  • Project was delivered on time, in scope and within budget
  • Local suppliers, engineers and contractors delivered the project keeping funds and work in the local community
  • Total project window of just under 2 months to replace 3 bridges minimised impact on the community
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Upper Lachlan Shire Council
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