Re-building bridges…InQuik time!

January 6, 2021by InQuik

IPWEA Vic are running a FREE Pitchinar session on Wednesday 10th February 2021 | 10:30-11am.

Presenter will be Logan Mullaney, InQuik MD, and the topic is - Re-building bridges...InQuik time!

During the recent NSW bushfires some 60 council-owned bridges were burnt or damaged, with the Currowan fire destroying four bridges on Shoalhaven Council’s road network.

Two of the major bridges were School Creek – a 16m single span bridge 6m off the waterway with serious access issues and no semi-trailer access – and Toomboolomobah Bridge – a 24m 2-span bridge in a very remote area with limited access and a 5-tonne load limit on one side.

InQuik worked closely with Shoalhaven Council to pull together the designer and local contractors to get the projects delivered, getting access back up and running as fast as possible.

This presentation shows how innovation and collaboration kept funds and jobs in a local community for a great result!

Attendance will be free for IPWEA Victoria members and incentivised with a CPD credit to maximise participation.
Registration is at