Transport and Main Roads product approval for InQuik bridge system

May 20, 2021by InQuik

The team at InQuik are pleased to announce that the InQuik bridging system is approved for use on projects delivered by the Queensland Government's Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) as of 30th April 2021.

Many thanks to the team at SMEC and TMR as we’ve worked through this process over the last 24 months.

The InQuik bridge system is an innovative Australian designed and manufactured product, which reduces the cost and complexity associated with conventional bridge replacement. The solution has huge benefits to key Government projects, including Bridges Renewal, Fixing Country Bridges and Regional development.

InQuik supply the superstructure components to enable local resources to install the pre-engineered, pre‐certified modules keeping funds and work in the local community along with supporting regional development and social procurement.

Three key benefits include:

  1. Lightweight, AS5100 (2017) pre‐engineered and certified modular components that can be shipped to remote locations – one bridge measuring 12.1 x 4.8m (including abutments) can be transported on one truck.
  2. Efficient "place and pour" install process with 40MPa concrete. Installation takes 2‐3 days over a 2‐week period and 90% of projects costs are known up front so there is less likelihood of budget overspend.
  3. InQuik utilises local labour, plant and concrete keeping funds and work in the local community.

The InQuik system is a completely new way of building bridges. The integral design has no bearings, tie downs, bolted connections or joints so provides a robust, durable structure that requires minimal structural maintenance. It is also listed under the QLD Local Buy BUS 270 Road, Water, Sewerage and Civil Works contract.

InQuik has supplied components for bridge projects with Scenic Rim, Southern Downs, Tablelands, Mackay and Logan City councils in QLD.

In 2018 TMR commissioned the National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACOE) and the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) to produce a report which details the current market options for rapid bridge construction to replace timber bridges. The report includes detail on the major bridge systems available in Australia, including InQuik, and compares a number of key performance factors.

A copy of this report is available at the NACOE web site by clicking this link.

Using data in the report, a Decision Supporting Tool was also developed, in order to help TMR determine the most appropriate bridge system considering site conditions.

Summary taken from the report:

Replacement of timber bridges typically occurs in-line. Traditional replacement bridge construction requires long bridge closure and a side track to facilitate construction. The cost of construction of the side track has been a concern due to the high cost often approaching the cost of replacement of the structure itself. Rapid construction methods have been identified as a viable option to avoid side track construction while minimising road closure time. Therefore, this report reviews the current market options for rapid construction of replacement bridges, which will allow replacement of timber bridges in a relatively short time.

Several pre-engineered bridge products which are currently available on Australian market have been identified and reviewed for their compliance with TMR bridge design criteria and specifications. In addition, this report proposes a three-step selection process with graphical initial screening, a matrix-based preliminary selection and detailed review for final selection.